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22 June 2021

My dear reader,

I've missed you since our last correspondence 💖 Shall we gush about The Plated Prisoner Series by Raven Kennedy ?

This is one to read when you’re feeling trapped and alienated.

🔮🔮🔮 on sorcery

Raven Kennedy creates a dope ass retelling of King Midas. I devoured this high fantasy world. It’s lavish and glamorous and yet - with the extreme amount of empathy I felt for our MC, Auren - I found yourself bored by it all on her behalf. And also screaming at her anytime she feels anything for her King, because it’s so obviously bad for her and she doesn’t even care.

You don’t meet many magic wielders in any of the books, so it’s always a fun twist when one is revealed, and what their particular magical talent might be. Not all of them are elementals like King Midas, and it’s that guessing game that makes this series a real page turner.

🔥🔥 on smut

OKAY home girl can write some smut! The entire concept is that our main character is a part of Kind Midas’s harem. So you start Gild with a very tasty scene. The explicit sex becomes sparse from there, but Raven Kennedy does a wonderful job of weaving the sexual tension with yearning and plot.

A one card draw for the King

I’m very “burn it all down” for our Auren, so I’ll be doing a rage-reading for King Midas 😉

five of swords

Oh good the conflict card for minor arcana. This is so Midas. The sword class is all about thoughts and ideas, so this card identifies a shallow victory in a conflict where you’re using your intellect as your primary weapon. It speaks to a very manipulative event. God this card is so perfect for him.

The lesson for the king here would be to rise above the conflict. Does he? 😉 You’ll see in Gleam.

Here, take my youtube music playlist as a fire starter…

Young God Halsey
Bad at Love Halsey
I’m Gonna Show You Crazy Bebe Rexa
you should see me in a crown Billie Eilish

Be sure to write back after Gleam, chapter 29-32 🔥🔥🔥🔥

💋 Giuliana

P.S. This series is unfinished. The last book, "Glow" is expected May 2022!