on Sorcery & Smut

fantasy romance book reviews


This is your review cheat sheet.

Something you should know about me before I begin, I have a “hell yeah or nah” philosophy on life. Meaning, that unless I’m “hell yeah!” about something, I’m going to pass on it. So, you can expect me to only write about the “hell yeah!” books I read, since life’s too short to spend it on the “nahs”.

You can view all the books I’ve read, including the ones I don’t review, on my StoryGraph.

Fan Art

I want to start each review with some fan art, including credit to the artist. I want to choose something that represents the tone and world we’ll be diving into. I’d also like to respect the artist, so the art may change if I’m contacted to remove the image.

Fan art might include drawings, mood boards, or it might just be the actual cover photo if there’s no topping it!

When you need a little _ in your life

This will replace the usual “for fans of BOOK A and BOOK B”. I have always had this dream of a bookstore organized by what you need in your life. I want to walk straight up to the “good training montage” section or the “I just need to sulk for a while” section. Anyway, this is my virtual version of that idea. So you know if you’re in the right place to pick up the book.

Sorcery Rating

I’ll provide an “at a glance” rating on a scale from 🔮 to 🔮🔮🔮

🔮 - Enjoyable read, but I wouldn’t buy any book swag
🔮🔮 - I wish they’d turn this concept into a show
🔮🔮🔮 - I find myself constantly daydreaming of this world, and am now a cult follower of the series

I’ll also include a few sentences on how the fantasy concept hits.

Smut Rating

I’ll provide an “at a glance” rating on a scale from 🔥 to 🔥🔥🔥

🔥 - This book was a tease, and - in a very good way - will leave you wanting
🔥🔥 - This book had a few, very well written explicit sex scenes
🔥🔥🔥 - You can totally get off to this book

I’ll also include a few sentences on how the smut hits.

Tarot Reading

Well, since we’re reading fantasy, I figured I’m allowed a little “wu wu” in my review. I’ll do a single card draw for my favorite character in the book. I’m just learning Tarot so, my interpretations probably won’t age well lol.

Playlist (Fire) Starter

I am often melencholic when I come to the end of a book. I spent 3 weeks listening to Florence & The Machine when I finished the first ACOTAR trilogy. So, I’m including a song that will make a great playist radio starter. Use this when you’re driving and can’t read, or when you are missing your favorite world when you finish the book.

I officially dub thee “fire starter” #branding